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How Daily Positive Mantras Can Change Your Life

Every morning I try to affirm something positive affirmation to start my day. I notice that these mantra, or affirmations keep me in a great head space even when my day isn't too great. Although I love the idea of a new affirmation daily, there are many times I can't think of any, Because  I am new to this process.

I want positive thoughts to be a constant fluid part of my life, but sometimes it takes a lot of effort to do it daily. Affirmations help with that, and also add to my confidence. The day I affirmed that I am worth exactly what I ask for, I asked for a raise and got it. It made me want to make it common practice. What has helped me create my affirmations is a list of ideas  that I use to branch off into my daily affirmations.

 Minaa B wrote a beautiful piece in the Huffington Post 10 Daily Positive Daily Affirmations For When Black Lives Forget They Matter these have become template for my daily affirmations. All my affirmations are birth from these ten ideals for my happiness.


  1. I am enough- I will not conform or lesser my standards to appease or appeal to anyone who does not accept me for who I am and what I am.
  2. I am worthy- the color of my skin is not definitive of where I belong in this world and no one will be allowed to disregard my presence, or silence my voice, based on the color of my flesh.
  3. I will surround myself with positive people- if there is anyone in my life that tries to disturb or threaten my peace, I will compassionately remove him or her from my space and focus on the souls whom I share a genuine connection with.
  4. I am allowed to acknowledge all that makes me human- I give myself permission to weep and to experience sorrow, to laugh or to cry, to make mistakes or feel failure, to grieve and to praise, and I will recognize my humanness and be submerged in all its glory.
  5. My body is celestial- my temple is an exhibit of Gods art form. His hands have crafted me with goodness in mind and intricate detail. I exhibit a touch of warmth- the sun has kissed my flesh and I am the Polaris in a bed full of stars whom covet my light- My being will be respected, I refuse to be another tossed black body.
  6. I will allow myself to evolve- I will trust my process and applaud myself for my progress. I am trying- and I will recognize that that is enough.
  7. I will recognize my good qualities- I am an imperfect person but I am full of grace, wisdom, beauty and knowledge. I will not let my insecurities ring louder than my worth.
  8. I am deserving of respect- I practice kindness, I cultivate love towards others and I have a right to expect that same energy to be emitted back to me. Being treated like a human is not too much to ask for- therefore, I will make my petition known unapologetically.
  9. I will not conform to the ways of my enemies- I will uphold my virtues and I will not stoop down to the negative actions or opinions from folks who do not walk in my light.
  10. I will love myself unconditionally- the love that I cultivate towards myself will be the calm within my storms. My life is deserving of its best chance, and I will walk on the path that promotes inner healing. I will stay grounded and rooted in the fruit of internal love, and I will not be swayed to believe less of myself or what I am capable of becoming. 

What tolls do you use to make daily affirmations? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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