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Why Watching This Subway Hero Thoroughly Shame An Alleged Masturbator Gave Me Life!

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On August 15th,  a woman by the name of  Deanna G. Carter, uploaded a video on Facebook that quickly went viral. In the video a man is masturbating behind a book bag while sitting on an uptown bound number two train. What she did was incredibly unexpected, she yelled at him, and embarrassed him by letting the whole car know he was masturbating, then kicked him off the train! 

When I  first saw this video I felt victorious, I also felt like we gained a point on the score board for womanism and our never ending fight against misogynoir. While watching the video I sat in the bedroom and screamed at my phone, GO OFF! I was elated, why, because that's my stance on subway perverts and sexual deviants who perform sexual acts in public spaces to satisfy strange rapist needs. Their victims are usually left feeling helpless, violated and embarrassed. My personal remedy for this has been, instead of allowing people to disrupt my comfort levels, I instead reciprocate that level of discomfort onto the perpetrator.

I can't arrest them, so I do what I can and embarrass them. I did this once to an old man when I was 15 years old,  while in route to school, that was rubbing his penis on me under the guise of a crowded train. I felt violated, and for one second felt embarrassed, than something clicked in my mind, and I didn't want this man to take my power for me, so I  went crazy and started cursing him out, calling him an array of rapists, perverts and any other word that I knew to call some kind of sexual deviant. Then a man, a stranger punched the older man in the face, the man who was clearly rubbing his penis on me, and threw him off the train. 

I'm grateful that man stood up for me, he probably  did it cause I was a child, but still it was appreciated. I identified with Deanna, the woman taking back her power in that video was handling hers. What did break my heart was the silence and detached body language of the other passengers.  Maybe they were in shock, it happens. Yet I couldn't get past this women, obviously being violated and no one helping, or simply reacting to her obvious victimization. As usual a Black women is left to protect herself, because, maybe she's just loud, maybe she's just crazy and ghetto, maybe she's making this up, when clearly she is being violated. 

I remember reading (long ago, if I still had the article I'd definitely link it) many subway gropers and perverts have online forums that suggest  performing these acts to or near POC women, because we're less like to report AND law enforcement is less likely to take it seriously. Sick sad world, but I'm glad she did what she had to do for her comfort, and girl, you are my viral hero! 

Dean and DeLuca

Watch the Facebook video below: 

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