Sunday, September 25, 2016

It's Freeing To Simply Just Be.


Let me describe us as women. As women and women of culture at that; we are vivacious, adventurous, creative, and liberated souls. We are the cream of the crop, inspired by the winds that blow, free to come and go and move as we please. As women, we are looked at in a way that can’t be interpreted with words alone. We inspire different beings, arts, and general. Being a woman of culture symbolizes strength and freedom and this, this sense of womanhood has allowed us to just be.

Just being has created a space for us where we are able to release energy that dictates our decision making. The energy that you surround yourself has to encourage your ability to “just be” not go against it. With everything that goes on in the world, if we allow different energies in our space it impacts the liberation that we indeed are to walk in. It is crucial to our success to remain the inspired and creative guru’s that we know we are. Just allowing you to remain on schedule, it allows you to shift plans with minimal stress, it allows you to prosper in everything you do. Just being, dictates your mindset and your money! Sometimes we focus so much on logistics of being that we forget to “Just Be”. We get so bound in the area of being that it disrupts our peace, so practice Just Being… Here’s a jump start.

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Just be... Be who you are. Don’t be bound to the opinion and thought of others. Just Be... Don’t be afraid to change your surroundings. Just Be... Don’t be afraid of your creativity! Don’t be afraid of the recharge. Just be... Be an individual... Kick against society and be loud. Stand Bold and firm in your belief and Just be... 

By Kyla Nicole
Hello, and thank you! Check out for more! I’m an Author, Business Strategist, and a Certified Life Coach in the Atlanta area. Let’s learn to Purposely Live Out Loud. Ladies, know that you are FLY, you hold great value and you represent class, dignity, are more precious than rubies! Follow me on – Facebook (Kyla Nicole), Instagram (AskKylaNicole) and Twitter (AskKylaNicole).


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