Friday, September 2, 2016

It's Never "Just Braids":Braids and it's Cultural Impact in Art and Culture

Above All. 2016

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Regardless of you specific background in the Black diaspora, braids and the ritual of getting them done is a common thread we all have. A cultural marker that has been embraced and passed on as a beauty standard among us regardless of European influence or beauty standards. Black hair adds another layer on race, and how we are treated. 

Black women continue this tradition, while sitting in salons for hours, on porches of our houses or on the living room, patiently waiting for the perfect braided style. Even without intent braids are artistic, intriquete and tell stories we all understand. It's never has been and never will be "Just Braids". 

Dorcas, Braids, 2016

Shani Crowe, an interdisciplinary artist, has taken that communal tradition and spun it into “Braids,” now on view at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts in Brooklyn.

As told to the NY Times 

“I wanted to create images that portray black women in a way that would inspire them not to be necessarily pretty, which is what most beauty stuff is about, but to kind of embody that and more within themselves,” Ms. Crowe said. “Everything starts within you and how you feel about yourself. It’s just trying to glorify black women and make them imagine themselves beyond their wildest dreams.”

Check out more photos below, and take a look of her full series on her website
The Body Shop
Fingerwave Saint, Braids, 2016
Suntrust, Braids, 2016
Ashley Homestore
Shakere, Braids, 2016
Cerebral. 2016

The Breadth We All Share, Braids, 2016

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