Monday, September 12, 2016

"Let Me Tell You About Why Black Girls / Women Are So Angry" -Solange Knowles

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 My thoughts on Solange 's thread on her experience at a concert. 

I read this live, as Solange tweeted this and got so angry! The many times I'm been in white spaces treated poorly cause the people in the environment are shitty THEN when I react I'm this angry Black woman acting ghetto.

Now, we've seen Solange put in work on an elevator so we know exactly how she serves it, but we also know that in the end, she would've been slandered in the headlines, not those rude ass lime throwers who for some reason didn't care that Solange was at a CONCERT, doing what concert doers do, and also with her child. Are you really that shitty?

This reminds me of the video I saw last Black Friday, a Black woman and her child were amongst the Black Friday shopping craziness and there appeared to be lot of microwaves on sale. Her and her child, a small child might I add grabed one each, everyone's grabbing one, there's mayhem, and this adult white woman aggressively snatches the box out of this child's hand. The mother reacts in a fashion I probably would, she beats the woman's ass. Don't mess with people's children!! But what stood out to me as the white woman was receiving her properly earned ass kicking, she screamed something like, "why are you so aggressive!" As if she didn't just aggressively snatch something out of a small child's hand, all of a sudden it was the Black woman's fault for not knowing how to act in a space. This is all too familiar and quite frankly I'm sick of it.

So Solange, the old you wasn't present but as a proud card carrying member of the #Solangehive when that lime hit your back, I would've did the dirty work for you, in the name of womanism they would've got these hands, cause honestly if they tried to sue me they'll only get my wig collection and a bunch of dope lipsticks.
Please stop vilify Black women when we react to your shittiness, it's not right, and we will not allow it anymore.

Black Opal Beauty  
Here are Solanges live tweets of her account at a Kraftwerk concert, also check out her personal essay here

When has your envirnmoent been the catalyst for being an "Angry Black Women"?

By Queen 
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