Monday, September 12, 2016

The Thrift Splurge- Ms. Vixen Fundraiser

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So it's happening again! Im having another thrift swap, and this time around I'm giving some back story. My first thrift swap event was actually a rent party, I was unemployed for about a year living off my writting and I happened to have more month than money a few times, plus a whole lot of pride. I needed to do something so I wouldn't get evicted, the business for my thrift store was slow as hell and I needed a quick way to make a lump some of money, I threw a thrift swap, and suprisingly lots of people came, and with the help from my mom, my freind best friend Terrance and the money from the swap I avoided eviction. I am forever greatful for everyone that came, and helped me through a very trying time, without even knowing it. 

Summer Thrift Swap

Fast foward to now, I still have thrift swaps 'cause they're really fun and I still get to sell great thrift fashion and meet great people. They are now a fundraiser to help with the the growth of my online magazine, Ms Vixen. If you're into thrift, into getting rid of old clothing, and supporting a woman's dream of media domination please come out, or just donate clothing or some cash (there's a donate button as ticket option now ;) ) if you can't make it. Only my close friends and family know this story, and now that im out of that state of depression that almost losing my apartment caused, Im ok with sharing this story. You never know what your consumerism might help. So, if you're in NYC on October 2, 2016, come and get some great fashion!
Here are the event details: 

There's thre ways to get great fashion!
1. Social Swap- Purchase a $5 ticket and bring one friend buying a swap or Splurge ticket and a donation of 5 or more lightly worn clothing, shoes, or  accessories items. (Friend buying splurge or swap ticket must be present upon entry, and you must bring seperate 5+ clothing doantions)
2. Swap- Purchase a $10 swap ticket and bring a donation of 5 or more lightly worn clothing, shoes or accessories items. We'll supply you with a large shopping bag, fill your bag with things you love, bask in the savings!
3-Splurge-Purchase a $20 ticket. We'll supply you with a large shopping bag, fill your bag with things you love, bask in the savings.

This event is held in my  apartment, so I urge people to purchase a ticket for garunteed entry, and so I know how many guest to accomadate, and to make sure there's enough sangria!

*Extra bags will be available for only $5!

Buy your ticket here

By Queen 
Queen is a 30 something from the Bronx, NY. She created Ms. Vixen to spread her thoughts on feminism, Black pride, it's the first stop on her quest to be a media mogul. 
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