Saturday, December 10, 2016

The 'Genderless Nipples' account challenges Instagram's Nipple Ban

Photo source: Instagram 

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When it comes to certain posts, Instagram can be very finicky with what they allow. If you post something too risque, then you run the risk of having your post deleted. If you post something inappropriate, then Instagram may take it down. Cleavage and other aspects of breasts are generally fine to post, except nipples. Apparently, Apples App Store (which is home to Instagram), has very strict policies when it comes to inappropriate content. If Instagram were to allow users to free the nipple on their accounts, then they run the risk of being banned from the store.

But it seems like the nipples of women cause the most strife, while it is okay for men or fitness models. However, there is an Instagram account called Genderless Nipples (@genderless_nipples) that is determined to bring awareness to the issue. The account was created by three advertising students, Morgan-Lee Wagner, Marco Russo, and Evelyne Wyss. "We want to spark a conversation, get people to discuss with each other and finally get Instagram to listen to our generation's voices," Wyss said in an interview with Mic. "Also we want to show people that a nipple, is just a nipple and it can be so beautiful look at the variety."

The idea for the genderless nipples project also originated over the recent election. "During that period, so many horrible things were said by candidates, and their supporters, about women rights and gender equality, that we decided even though we're not from the U.S. we feel responsible to do something about it," Wyss said, who is originally from Switzerland. "And what better way to start spreading a message of gender equality than pointing out the rules of social networks? The place where we all participate and express ourselves daily."

A few days ago, Instagram actually deleted one of the nipple pictures, which turned out to be a picture of a man's nipple. "This proved exactly our point, you can't tell the difference. The policy is out of date it doesn't make any sense," Wyss said. "Social media is about free choice of expression. If people don't want to see female nipples because they feel offended by it then they have freedom to not look at it. Censoring and banning make things a lot more difficuly for women in this world. Social media is supposed to be a modern platform, it should keep up with society, right it's behind."

Photo source: Instagram 

One thing that is great about the Genderless Nipples movement is that is also a great way to encourage people to not be ashamed or embarrassed of their nipples, especially because we all have them. If you are interested in being part of this great movement, here is what you have to do: 1) with good lightening, direct your nipple straight into the camera and 2) once you've taken your picture, email it to The other great thing about this movement is that whatever you send is 100% anonymous!

What do you think about Genderless Nipples? Is it something you would support? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below! 

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