Sunday, December 11, 2016

This Kind of Woman vs. That Kind of Woman:5 Silly Battles That Have To Stop

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I love the bonds I have with the women in my life. I grew up with  5 sisters, always had lots of women friends, and have always appreciated the energy of women around me. Subconsciously  I probably decided to stay out of the many battles women are set to have with each other because the rules of patriarchy writes them that way.  

Understanding all women aren't monolith has been very important to me, an ever present idea in my life before I had verbiage for it. Differences in lifestyle,  beauty standards, career choices and even motherhood are perfectly fine. Let's stop thinking one  way a woman decides to live is better than the other. 

We're all amazing, we all add to the world in great ways, and we're always going  to do that, until the end of time. Check out this list of this verses that foolishness, that we should leave behind in 2016!

Steve Madden
Team Girl boss vs. Team Employee 

With the surge of women entrepreneurship in the past few years, we have seen women take charge and call their own shots with companies they own. This is the route I have also chosen for myself, but lets not sleep on women that are in the workforce doing it big. Let's be honest here, everyone has a boss. If you own your own business you actually now have many bosses, your customer takes that role. Everyone works differently, and that's what makes the world flow like it does. So lets stop this argument, 'cause we're all doing the damn thing! When it comes to how we live our lives, we're all CEO's 

Team Natural vs. Team Relaxed
I honestly can't believe this is even still a thing. I wear my hair natural, I haven't had a relaxer in 10 years. I understand why relaxers are harmful to women, and also understand the social implications implied when a woman decides to chemically straighten her hair. But, why make your hair empowerment another woman's oppression? Let's allow women to make their own choices and come to terms with standards of beauty on their own. 

Team Baby Mother vs. Team Wife
Being married doesn't make you better than the next woman.  Marriage is a failing institution that isn't as necessary for women as it use to be. Also, being a single mother isn't the shameful act we were socialized to think it was in the past. Life happens, and social norms change all the time, but what's constant in this battle is the notion that marriage brings happily ever afters, which is false. To marry or not to marry, it's your choice, and that's the beauty in it all, we are a point of time where marriage is mostly a choice, and not a requirement. 

Team Main Chick Vs. Team Side Chick
This is the most annoying battle of them all. Women fighting over ashy men that lie, like really? If a monogamous relationship is your your end goal, then both of these teams will forever lose. The main chick is still being cheated on and the side chick will never be a priority, faithfulness and respectful priorities are essential for monogamy to work. If these aren't things you require then you have  lost before you even started. Let's point out the real loser in this silly battle, the simple minded men that created this foolish dynamic.

Team Pure vs. Team Sex Positive
In an effort to keep women oppressed sex is a huge factor. Some women love lots of sex with many different partners, some think their first sexual partner should be someone special, and many are somewhere in between. None of this matters, suck a million dicks, or  never look a penis in the face, it's your choice, and should be respected. As long as your sex life is filled with consent, birth control (if you don't want a child) and condoms, you're fine, Go do your thing girl! 

By Queen 
Queen is a 30 something from the Bronx, NY. She created Ms. Vixen to spread her thoughts on feminism, Black pride, it's the first stop on her quest to be a media mogul. 
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