Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"The Struggle Will Not Be Gentrified" - Natasha Michele

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It is January 21st, and the cheese cracker, who many call Donald Trump, has been the president of the USA for more than 24 hours, and I am angry. My anger is birthed from a different space than many Americans and other people that call this country home. Unfortunately, this is also very common space for Black women in America. We're always on the right side of history, but in the end left abandoned after performing labor we continuously think will help us. As millions of you embraced the Women's March with open arms, I saw its flaws from the beginning. It was initially titled the Million Women March, a co-opted rebranding of, the  Million Man March created by the Nation of Islam and also the Million Women March created by Black women and held in Philadelphia. The name was later changed 'cause many Black women (including myself) called them out on their bullshit. Also, they brought in three women of color to organize it,  and their new incentive was to be more inclusive of all women. Repeating an already long history of women of color cleaning up white women of America's mess, it's what they think we seem to do best.

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The larger problem is, the Women's March was nothing more than an anti-Trump march and a white supremacist meet up, under the guise of liberal sisterhood. It isn't associated with what is actually wrong with this country and has been wrong with this country since the declaration of independence was signed. This is a white supremacist, capitalistic, patriarch society that imprisons anyone nonwhite. We've  seen this play out continuously in this country, and more so recently with the current flow of media attention to the rejection of white supremacy, and the concept of Black lives actually mattering.  Our reaction to a system we have not created is constantly scrutinized and has deemed us bitter, angry, volatile and ungrateful.  Somehow, it is the responsibility of the oppressed to fix the world, it is our job to teach, and change the errors of history, and make sure this nation is not divided- we are the mule. Would you be marching if Hilary won? Are you aware the world would almost be the same for many Americans regardless of who won?


For the past three years, the Black Lives Matters movement and many other organizations like this have been organizing against a system that was created to successfully keep white supremacy alive and well. While you're merely reacting to Donald Trump, we've been reacting to what reality has been, and will continue to be for us in this country. Assembling marches, rallies, and boycotts to validate Black life,  and made sure there was inclusiveness- of trans lives, Queer lives, children's lives etc, we have been doing this work. Trying to alert the masses of voter suppression laws (which helped Trump win the electorate in swing states that President Obama won previously), telling the country why the Voting Right Act should remain, which has since been dismantled (another reason Trump won the electoral college) but, it was Black, loud, crazy, women talking why would you listen?

The nation thought Donald Trump was a joke, mostly because the nation thinks white supremacy soaked in capitalistic, patriarchal bigotry is a myth, I mean, the president was Black, how could these systems be real? You didn't actually know how bigoted this country is, 'cause somehow you found a place of comfort in the bullshit. You thought you were safe, as long as you didn't call me a nigger, rape me, or kept me employed, that you were doing enough. These delusions of privilege made you deaf to our words. 

We were blocking the roads, making signs, getting peppered sprayed, and literally dying; fighting for the right to live, but there was no huge uproar by your media until you heard that cheese cracker talks of grabbing white women by their pussies in an old recording, it's disgusting. Closely examine the history of this country and how it uses white women and the protection of her as one of its tools of power, whether they know it, or like it, white women are used as tools of war, nothing more. There's a reason your march was allowed to spread like it did, there are many reasons it was met with peace, America will never abuse you like it abuses me, it needs you. Trump becoming the president was an awaking for the white liberal, the people who believed they were on the right side of history all along. This is why my first response was to giggle when he became the president-elect,  you thought you lived in another world. Delusions kept you safe, I welcome you to my America.

Do I care if my rage and reluctance towards the Women's March offend you, of course, I don't! Black women are on the right side history. 94% of Black women voted for Hillary, for many of us simply 'cause she was the lesser of two evil,  we did what needed to be done. Yet, we asked to join you in solidarity to help right your wrongs, again women of color cleaning up your mess?  Most of us will never trust this sisterhood you try to create with us, it's always faulty. A race was clearly chosen over gender, why would we trust your comradery? We've been telling what the future holds, but in the comfort of your privilege, you didn't actually listen. So spare me talks of solidarity, spare me talks of the system pitting the working class against each other. It is you that wasn't talking among yourselves, it was you that waited to the last minute to be uncomfortable, and it is the pettiness in me that watches you squirm in it, cause I've been in this space since the day I was born. Keep the pussy talk to yourself, because your only concern is that. The care is solely about the fetus - what about the lives of our children we've been fighting for? What about not reducing me to just my pussy, and throwing that around everywhere like men do their dicks? These weird fascinations white cis women have with pussy is strange, check that.
Enjoy the media not bashing your efforts, the whole nation taking notice of your discomfort. Keep bragging about your peaceful protest, and the privilege to not be met with riot gear,  videos of officers giving high fives to the protesters, and women having enough time to smile and take selfies. I have been attending protest and rallies since I was a child, this protest seemed more like a parade. The world is always acknowledging your pain as pain and for people like me its merely misdirected anger. Of course, you were encouraged and meet with great enthusiasm. Even in protest, comfort is handed to you. I know change will happen when everyone is uncomfortable, and that's the goal. So keep your Women's March parade. You can have that, we don't want it, the struggle will not be gentrified. 

By Queen 
Queen is a 30 something from the Bronx, NY. She created Ms. Vixen to spread her thoughts on feminism, Black pride, it's the first stop on her quest to be a media mogul. 
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