Saturday, September 9, 2017

30 Ways To Get Over Heart Break and Heal Correctly

It's difficult navigating heartbreak and healing in a way that doesn't leave you jaded. What's most important is, the other side of heartbreak is freeing and gives you the tools to grow. Also, the lessons you learn from heartbreak can help you make better choices, and create higher standards for your next relationship. The ups and downs of heartbreak can literally feel like a roller coaster, with twists,  turns, and sudden drops that you feel in the pit of your stomach. There are ways to get to the other side of this with a healthy heart, here are 30 ways to get over the heartbreak and heal correctly.

  1. Cry, cry a lot and don't hold back. 
  2. Self-Inventory, what should you keep and what should you leave behind in your love style 
  3. Make a bad bitch playlist 
  4. Revamp your look 
  5. Pray 
  6. Workout 
  7. Start doing things alone 
  8. Go to a restaurant with a kind of food you never ate before 
  9. Busy yourself with things that'll make you a better person
  10. Relearn yourself 
  11. Dance 
  12. Start journaling 
  13. Masturbate 
  14. Buy a new comforter set for your bed 
  15. Delete their phone number 
  16. Embrace all the emotions, even the bad ones 
  17. Eat your favorite ice cream 
  18. Be honest with yourself about why it's over 
  19. Meditate 
  20. Delete the text thread both of you share 
  21. Watch a lot of feels good comedy movies and TV shows 
  22. Delete their photos 
  23. Sing 
  24. Fast from all negativity 
  25. Take a solo trip 
  26. Learn a new recipe 
  27. Hang out with people that make you feel good 
  28. Change your hair 
  29. Create a project and finish it 
  30. Trust the power of time 

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