Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Let's Stop Silencing Dark Skin Women's Reaction To Fenty Beauty

The discussion surrounding Fenty Beauty is exhausting. I'm so sick of people silencing dark skin Black women. It sparked a conversation that

1) Needed/needs to be had and
2) Continues covering a concern many have spoken on for entirely too long.

Why should they have to ALWAYS be the ones to wait for their tones to finally be out? It'd be different if this wasn't a common issue, but it is, and to see those who are constantly speaking on inclusivity regarding all shades and hues telling dark skin Black women to be quiet and be happy? Nah, man, this is a fucking problem, and we know that because it spans outside of online [social media]. This fills the ENTIRE industry.

Steve Madden

We got fashion models bringing their own foundations to give "pro" makeup artists before a runway because rarely do they have their matches. None of this is brand new and we're fully aware of that, even those who've had a problem with the discussion circulating lately. The entire beauty industry deserves critique in all areas, be it race, colorism, hair texture, body types, ableism, ageism, etc.

This isn't a conversation we should be running away from. This isn't a conversation we should be silencing those who are marginalized. I know, personally, I'm excited to cop something from Fenty Beauty. But we can be both excited and critical.

This mess has gotten so far as to ppl posting gifs of a mentally and physically disabled person to mock another for requesting representation. I'm not exaggerating when I say people have gone too far in the name of stanning. It just isn't worth being that damn cruel.

By @xchemoni 

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