Sunday, October 13, 2019


This session we will discuss affirming our sex lives. The workshop is for folks with vaginas, and we will be joining with Vanessa Geffrard of Vagesteem. Vanessa is the founder of VagEsteem™, a workshop series, and podcast encouraging good and healthy sex through courageous conversations.

Spreading VagEsteem in a World that Teaches you to Hate Yourself... OR Vag 101

About 40% of folks with vaginas and vulvas say that they are not confident in the appearance and size. Society often makes us feel that there is something wrong with the looks, appearance and even the smell of their bodies. Through the use of props, trivia, and open discussion, participants will engage in a series of activities that will leave you empowered, intrigued, and ready to explore! VagEsteem workshops were built on the idea that if folks love what's below the belt, they are more likely to care for and bring pleasure it's way.

Join us and affirm your sex life with the help of Ms. Vixen and Vagesteem

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