Saturday, December 7, 2019


Photo Credit: Mahia

Sunday's Ms. Vixen IRL workshop was beautiful. In our last Bad Bitch Affirmation session of the year, we affirmed our sex lives with the help of Vanessa from Vagesteem workshops and podcasts!

Although I have worked with Vanessa before, and love her podcast, this was the first workshop of hers I attended. YA'LL. . . . it was fucking amazing!! There were so many things I myself didn't know about my reproductive and sexual pleasure systems. Vanessa opened the workshop letting us know everyone in the room is an expert cause all our stories are real, and that as some affirming shit! This made us all feel so comfortable and at home.

With lattes in hand from Cafe Con Libros, a Black woman-owned feminist books store and cafe, where the event was held, we got cozy and affirmed our Vaginas!

All guests received gift bags with swag from Ms. Vixen, Vagesteem and our event sponsor Teas by G . Teas by G is a tea company that infuses THC or CBD in their tea hot cocoa blends.

If you're interested in learning more about Vanessa's work with Vageestem, please visit her website Vagesteem, to check out her podcast, check out more of her workshops, and get her lit merch!!

Full event photos are available now for all of our current Ms. Vixen Patrons!

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