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If you're reading this, that means you realized you deserve a place where Black women,  femmes and nonbinary folks impacted by misogynoir are the standard and not the exception - -and you're right!

We know that the mainstream does a horrible job at centering us and presenting our narrative to the world, and we say fuck all of that.   Womanist light is not what we do here, we plan to always in forever turn up. Here is where you get stories centering you!!

We're so happy you chose us!
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What Exactly is Ms. Vixen?

Is a platform that centers the narratives of Black women, femmes, and nonbinary folks impacted by misogynoir through our magazine, podcast and live events.

What Should You Expect?

Ms. Vixen isn't here to be polite or play around with womanism. We’re here to deliver incisive, witty, lit womanist perspectives on pop culture, media, and politics, things usually stolen from us for the mainstream to profit off of.  Ms. Vixen centers Black women, femmes and nonbinary folks impacted by misogynoir 'cause it's us that push the world forward AND makes it fly. We prioritize asserting ourselves against the erasure and celebrating all we do in the process.

Who Runs Ms. Vixen?

Our creator is Queen, a womanist Muslim woman from the Bronx. Pronouns: she/hers. Right now Ms. Vixen is a team of one, but wants to grow and also pay the folks who will help the growth of this platform. We also need donations to keep us afloat. Please consider donating here. We also take content submissions here.

Check out Queen's bio below:

Queen is a Bronx native with a Harlem heart, did college in Queens, currently resides in Brooklyn and like most New Yorkers forgets Staten Island exists. Creating safe, nourishing spaces for Black femmes and folks impacted by misogynoir through digital media and live events is her style of activism. She is one half of The Tea with Queen and J. podcast and centers dismantling white supremacist patriarchal capitalism, because why the fuck not!  Always encouraging healthy community building, her podcast’s annual Black podcast meetup, #PodinLiveNYC, has grown into the largest Black podcaster meetup in the world! Ms.Vixen, her online magazine, has been running 7 years strong, and with the addition of live events and workshops through the Ms.Vixen IRL series, plus Ms. Vixen The Podcast, she continues to deliver incisive, witty, lit womanist perspectives on pop culture, media, and politics. Queen’s work has also been featured at, AMny, and you can catch her as a panelist on the youtube series, The Grapevine. Always someone with something to say, her goal is media domination, to always have huge hair, and to always stay fly.

How is Ms. Vixen funded?

The world commodifies the work of Black folks and leaves us out constantly. Also, much of media is censored by capitalistic boundaries that won't allow them to be real. Knowing this, we’re not compromising when it comes to how we’re funded. We believe that our financial and editorial independence are intrinsically tied, and any media outlet that denies the connection is lying to you and itself. Ms. Vixen is currently funded via donations and through google ads embedded on our website and will remain ethical and transparent with our funding sources at all time. You can't dismantle systems without transparency. If you're interested in donating to Ms. Vixen you can do so here.

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