Ms. Vixen Submissions
Regardless of whether or not you're a professional writer, photographer or artist of another form, Ms Vixen accepts all  artistic levels of expression. Submissions can vary from current hair, music, fashion and movies trends, from women's  health, motherhood, social justice and sex. You can find an article ridiculing a horrible ex then an article about how to furnish a small apartment. It's all here, so tell us all your stories so we may share it with our community 
Writing Submissions Criteria:
If you're interested in writing a feature column for Ms. Vixen please send us your pitch complete with title, description and relevance to our audience. Please note that columns can range from (500-900 words). Columnists are expected to contribute to Ms. Vixen once a week.
Do not send a column pitch without attaching writing samples.
One time submissions are accepted also. This is a single article not a continuous column, (300-500 word) Must send a pitch for article and writing samples. 
All submissions will be treated with the utmost respect and properly responded to within 2 weeks from the time of submission.

Please send a short 2-3 sentence biography in the description of your piece. 

Submissions Criteria for Images/Video/Music
Images of work should be clear and high resolution [a minimum of 1000px wide]
Online portfolios, videos of exhibits, and scanned work are welcomed.
Video submissions that are intended to be audible should be audible, meaning the volume should be turned up.
Youtube and Vimeo are preferable, but we will accept mp4 files as well.
Mp3, Soundcloud, Youtube, and Vimeo are all acceptable formats for music submissions.

Email all submissions to With your subject matter in the subject line, ex. writing submissions, photography etc. 

Important legal disclaimer: By submitting an article or blog post you're agreeing to's terms of service, which are: you relinquish rights to monetary compensation for work published on this site.

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