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I would assume  many of my  Ms. Vixen readers, read articles while at their desk at work. Why not treat yourself and sneak in some yoga! This sequence is ideal for those who want to sneak in a quick yoga break or for those who are in healing and want to practice a little bit of opening with the support of a chair. Practice a little energetic hygiene and deep breathing! Open your heart, your shoulders and relieve tension! You can practice this routine without sound too!

So, take a break from work, relieve some tension at try to make this simple routine a part of your everyday!

By Queen
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Two weeks ago the internet went crazy debating the street harassment issue, when YouTube video of a woman walking around New York City went viral. There was a hidden camera, tracking her for 10 hours walking through many neighborhoods throughout the city. This video created a great opportunity for dialogue, some of it was great, some complete garbage, but that's typically how it goes. My main stance on it was there's a huge difference to me as to what is street harassment and what is catcalling. As long as what is said to me while I walk down the street isn't disrespectful, and overtly sexually motivated I'm pretty okay with it. Honestly harassment is in the eye of the person being harassed. It is the woman's determination as to what is street harassment, perpetrators just have to respect the boundary she puts forth, its really as simple as that. I go further explaining my views on what I feel constitutes street harassment in a piece I wrote for Afro Punk titled, My Name is Not 'Yo Shorty'

One question that no one has asked is, does Cat Calling work? In my experience it has once,   I was in a relationship and engaged to man whom I met from being cat called. Yet, most of the time i'm typically annoyed by it and generally don't respond, or simply smile if there's something nice said. When I asked other women their thoughts  were pretty similar.

I polled some Ms.Vixen readers and the response was very similar to my thoughts. Most women aren't into being catcalled and are turned off by it. One reader states "I've never been catcalled and thought to myself 'Oh I hope he takes me out for dinner' The guys I've been attracted to weren't necessarily the ones that would catcall or harass a woman." Another reader  felt that catcalling has caused her physical stress, and she's glad this conversation is happening, a common sentiment among most Ms. Vixen readers and other women.

Another reader left a very interesting comment, she actually had a relationship with a man she met from a catcall,  and she remains friends with him  presently. She states "There's a difference between catcalling and harassment." Which I actually have to agree with, as I mentioned earlier I  had a relationship that began from a catcall, but I am also against street harassment. It’s all tied to respecting women’s boundaries and interacting with her in accordance to what she deems is okay for her. Where the problem lies is the false sense of entitlement many men feel that have over women. If we do not respond we are rude, stuck up bitches. I have even heard men say women want this, we want to walk around and get compliments. Let’s be clear, many of us don’t get dressed everyday  to look good for men, we dress to look good for ourselves. So, your acknowledgement of how we look can just be a thought and not something that needs to be heard.

The majority of women aren’t into catcalls, and all of us aren’t into street harassment. Whether it works or not depends on many factors, but the general consensus is It doesn’t. Are we open to friendly conversation, be we  would appreciate  if the entitlement you feel about us interacting with you cease to exist.

By Queen

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For the most part, society tells women to chose between beauty or brains. A constant battle that women have to chose which role to play in life is a common dynamic that men don't have to think about. For the most part women like to be able to take on all roles, it's a great attribute to have in which international designer and entrepreneur, Anita Rincón embodies these qualities very well. She has her hand in everything, from beauty products to being an author, she's literally a woman of beauty and brains.

Anita Rincón
Image Source: Twitter

She realized while in Sweden for college that she wanted to be her own boss, working for someone else was not an option for her at all. Helping someone else's dream become a reality when she has her own to fulfill just wasn't on Anita's life agenda. The birth of a entrepreneurial spirit, which has expanded into many things she's working on in present. She signed her first book deal for American Dream -A Fashion and Beauty Mogul's Guide to Building a Million Dollar Empire her goal with this book is show women regardless of the limitations life may present anything is possible .

She states " I want to inspire women of every shape, size, race and nationality to go after their dreams no matter what their circumstances may be. Even though we should all be treated as equals, the reality is that even today beauty is looked as something that cannot be taken seriously, something shallow and superficial.. . . I believe that we're all moving towards becoming more tolerant and luckily that old fashioned view is getting more and more distant." It is this view that in many instances limits the roles women play in society. She intends to push the limit of those barriers, and transcend that. 

Image Source: Instagram

She didn't consciously choose the beauty industry, but she has worked in fashion and beauty her whole life. As an editor for an international newspaper, and many other similar roles. Her transition into beauty products was natural, the Luz Lashes and Luxurisima product line. A great alternative to other eyelash extension brands that cause your natural eyelashes to fall out, they're three times less expensive and can be reused up to 30 TIMES!!! That's extremely economical, a key part of gaining wealth is not over spending, so this is a plus. A brand that is already popular among entertainers such as Rihanna, J-Lo and Beyonce' just to name a few. Shes offering all Ms. Vixen readers a 15% discount off any purchase just enter discount code MSVIXENMAG and check out at

The drive she has is admirable and she has a clear plan on how she'll plan to conquer the business world. I will keep you updated on when her book is released because it will be a must read! stay tuned

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A look i'm really into lately is mixing sporty and girly looks. This contrast is my favorite right now. Wearing a sports jersey, skinny jeans and some point toe pumps, it is a great way to easily work this mix and match of style. One fashionista who has mastered this look is Rihanna. She seems to be a fan of every sport, and of every team (no loyalty in her love for sports) so, it definitely make sense she knows how to mix her love of heels and sports into one outfit. 

These are some of my favorite Rihanna Sporty Chic looks 


This Sporty Chic look has even made it's way on the runway! Via:

I feature a lot of visual artist in Ms. Vixen, and I haven't featured some one else's writing in Ms. Vixen in a very long time, When I came across this poem by fellow writter Ivory Leone I knew I had to share with my Ms. Vixen readers. The poem gives you a look into the men and why some have issues with emotion.

Lets talk about how
From birth, we were taught 
to divide and conquer
Whether it's legs or land
dancing desert of flesh is fucked.

Let's talk about how

We are an out of tune

Ballad of sob stories;

misogyny never sounded
so melodic.

How we are taught
women are suppose to show feeling.
and we crucify every emotion except
rage and lust on our backs
and show them as war wounds.

lets talk about how
we are actually a glass house
of anguish, with sadness lynched in the gallows swinging like pendulums.
bruised folklore forms friction between our fingertips
and when we touch your beautiful bodies
we pray you don't read the horror stories we left on your

lets talk about how
we don't like being naked.
how your pupils crack open revealing hands
to strip us clean and revealing all of our ugly
past that hangs off our flesh like cookie dough.

lets talk about how we want to talk.
to cry and rest on nurturing breast
breathing in your healing aroma.
but too afraid it could be used against us later.

how our eyes whisper
To the silhouette of unsheathed
Swords swings and fucking,
Intimate with flesh furiously.  

Lets talk about how we are confused
but don't know how to untangle the clusterfuck
of negative thoughts that cleave at the belly of our brains
as we bleed sorrow but can't cry.
we don't want to be viewed as weaklings
cause for centuries it was labeled as a woman trait.

The problem is most men have a hard time believing women are the embodiment of strength wrapped in skin made from Gods mane.
Celestial women, who are more spine, then rib
more everlasting then mortal. We must Hercules our shackles on our minds and worship women

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Halloween is this week and I'm pretty excited. I wasn't allowed to participate in Halloween as a child, growing up in a Muslim home, Halloween wasn't an option. I would often stay home from school and we'd put a sign on our apartment door that said no candy, and go on with our October 31st like it was a normal day. I was fine with it, you don't particular miss things you've never experienced, and I was pretty used to that ritual not being a part of my life. As I grew older participated in Halloween twice, and both times were fun, so I've decided to do so this year.

I'm  sure Halloween is still a fun time for many adults, but the past few years due to social media I notice that many people use Halloween as an excuse to be assholes. I have always been turned off by a lot of cultural appropriation that takes place during Halloween. I never have a agreed with it, to wear someones cultural garb or likeness for play just is insulting. Who wants their culture to be  a joke or entertainment, especially if you're from  a minority group, I go further into the problems with appropriation in my Katy Perry article .  Yet, these past few years I have seen many costumes  that are racist and sexist. Black face is at an all time high, and many white people think is fine and retort with comments like "But black people do white face" which anyone who actually knows the history of black face would know there's no comparison. It was a form of entertainment widely popular to make fun of the Black people. Very popular in the United states, in which white actors would wear shoe polish on their face, make their lips pink and large to exaggerate the features of a Black person and to maliciously mock the likeness of a Black person. It's exhausting having to explain that Black face is offensive, and maybe i'll write a stand alone piece on the history of Black face and why it's offensive. I've digressed a little bit from the point of my post, so let me get back to that.

Last year I saw many costumes of white people dressed as Black entertainers, and many felt the need to paint themselves to  appear as a Black person which is very unnecessary. I have seen many black girls dressed as Cinderella and they haven't painted their faces white, yet we still know what character they're portraying. There's no need for the paint. Here are a few costumes of white people being black entertainers done correctly .

Ellen as Nicki Manaj
Miley Cyrus as Lil Kim
I don't know who these people are as Jay Z and Beyonce'

Then there are the costumes that are disgusting, and incredibly insensitive that I am sure are simply for shock value, and are done incredible bad taste. Last year the costume that made my jaw drop was one mocking Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin was a teenage unarmed Black boy who was murdered by George Zimmerman simply for being black in an all white neighborhood. The case stirred lots of controversy and brought up a lot of racial tension. I really couldn't wrap my mind around why anyone would think that was funny. This year the Ray Rice incident seem to be the go to asshole costume of the year. Ray Rice was fired from his NFL team after a video surfaced of him knocking out his wife (she was his girlfriend at the time of the video) in an elevator. This incident stirred a lot of controversy yet this Halloween people seemed to think it was a joke. I had no idea domestic violence was a joke, and could ever be something anyone thought was a great idea for a Halloween costume.

What most of these racist and insensitive costumes have in common is, they lack accountability and resposibility. Many of the pepople who participate hide under the notion that this is simply hallowen fun, and it's not. They haven't explored the underlying damage they are causing by participating in these activities, and it's because they usually are too lazy to research the informamotion or simply don't care. It's is easy to explore and challenge boundaries that are taboo to cross if you don't have or need to be held accountable for your actions. Let's challenge ourselves to be adults and not use Halloween as an excuse to be detrimentally offensive, to other people. Lets bring it back to candy, pumpkin carving and the occasional prank, those are things I think we all can handle.

By Queen 
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It has been 19 days since my last blog post, A very large gap since I like to post every week. I keep trying to write, and continue to build Ms. Vixen. I don't get too deep into my personal life because I always want a piece of me that only belongs to me. I haven't been writing at all, not for myself, not for the other publications I write for, all my thoughts have been bottled up in my head. As I go through one of the hardest transitions I have ever taken in my life. Living as a full time writer, and owner of my online thrift store. Nothing has been easy throughout this journey, and it has impacted my writing in ways I never thought it would.

I've tried several times to sit at my computer and just write, but my head clouds up with the many thoughts of uncertainty of what the future holds. I have been focusing so much on what's next, and what the future has in store for me, that I haven't been focusing on the good things that are happening now. I am in great physical health, and still live in a nice apartment, in Brooklyn, NY. Many people would love to call this great city their home. So, I am definitely grateful for that. I also am doing things I'm  passionate about, I have a podcast 'Tea with Queen and J. ' That I host with one of my best friends, where I get to rant my personal views mostly concerning women, Black life, and many other socio-political issues, with my silliness mixed in. I run a blog that people love, and I have been nurturing for three years, and because of my contributed writing in other publications was granted an interview and feature in amNY, a popular New York City Newspaper, in only my first year of writing for other publications. Every time I get discourage things happen that show me that I should keep going towards fulfilling my passions. My thrift store, Flowers To Spikes, has been open for only a month and is doing very well, and I am extremely grateful for that. All these creative avenues I enjoy help keep me happy.

I have decided to unblock my mind, stop focusing on what I don't presently have and focus on what is good. I told a friend that my life was falling apart and now that I replay that line in my head I realize I am over reacting, and looking at the my cup of life only seeing the empty side. I have a lot of great things going on within my life. I'm going to stop crying, and laying in bed all day depressed and write. I hope you are ready for me. QUEEN IS BACK!!

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By: Queen

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I wrote this piece one day out of frustration on my personal Tumblr, and I got a great response, so I decided to share it with my Ms. Vixen family. 
I'm single and I have decided not to date, because honestly i'm exhausted. I don't have the patience right now, to nurture another idiot, and feel drained afterward. The past two years I've had a heavy rotation of men whom I would classify as fuck boys. Men who are jerks for no reason, and some aren't  aware that they are selfish, inconsiderate pieces of flesh, that have come into your life to cause ruckus. Honestly many of these men are insecure, or fighting demons we know nothing about. In addition almost all of them haven't even earned to right to be fuck boys.  To  understand the psyche of a fuck boy, I've written something that pretty much illustrates the way their mind works. 

The Fuck Boy Manifesto
I’m cunning but incredibly dumb, which makes you think otherwise at first. My wit is great, which would lead you to believe my thoughts are deep. They aren't. They’re actually incredibly shallow, murky and grimy like a nasty street puddles, and I don’t care, why? ‘Cause I am a Fuck Boy
I communicate horribly, never really answering yes or no, to very direct questions. When I do answer, its half truths and nonsense, run arounds are my specialty. Why, cause I don’t know shit, I am Fuck Boy.
I disappear and reappear in your life when it’s convenient for me, as if nothing horrible has occurred. I try to slither my way back in through emails and Facebook inbox’s. Acting like I care, and I absolutely don’t. I am a creature of opportunity, and today might be the day you give in to my advances, so I press send. Do I care if you've finally moved on to happy moments? Hell nah, I’m a Fuck Boy.
I am a plethora of mind fucks, very good at planting seeds of insecurity. The master of the flip, diverting all bad energy off of me. At the end of every argument you’re left thinking “wait, maybe I am crazy”. What if I told you, you have never been crazy. But simply a victim of me, a Fuck Boy.
I’m selfish, and my feelings are most important, yours are always secondary. I’m a lot of mess, and seek women who like to tend to them. Who have a desire to be the cure, who think they have the power to rehabilitate me. There’s no fixing me sweetie, I am a Fuck Boy
I’m a festering boil that only gets worse before it gets better. I swell with puss and become something ugly, and you keep tending to me. One day i’ll explode. All the nasty smelly mucus I've acquired will spill out, on to you.  All of me that has rotted, died and I no longer need, I will release on to you. You’ll look up covered in my musty, excrement and will ask me “Why? Why would I do this to you, to a person who cared and loved you unconditionally” and i’ll look back to you as I walk away from you, on to my next conquest and simply reply “Cause I am who I am, I am who you met me as, and I live life the only way I know how, as A Fuck Boy.

By Queen
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