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A new condom designed to kill the HIV virus could be available to buy within months, after key regulatory approval.Tests have shown the VivaGel condom is effective in deactivating 99.9 per cent of HIV, herpes and human papilloma virus cases.
Australian bio-tech firm Starpharma has developed the antiviral Viva Gel, the active ingredient designed to tackle sexually transmitted infections, in the condom's lubricant.

The product has now received a receipt of Conformity of Assessment Certification by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration - a similar certificate to the CE mark in Europe - paving the way for mass production.
It means the condom, the first of its kind, should be available to buy in the coming months.
The condoms are lubricated with VivaGel, which contains 0.5 per cent astodrimer sodium - a non-antibiotic, antimicrobial drug designed specifically as a compound against HIV.
It is hoped the gel will help reduce the transmission of HIV and other STIs, while also reducing the risk of pregnancy.

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If you aren't familiar with Brooklyn born recording artist She Is Ryan, also referred to as SIR, then do so quickly, this photographer, model,and  actress is making her mark with or without you on board. It's much better to be on board though, with features on Global Grind, The, Vlad TV, the list goes on she's a train I suggest you find a comfortable seat on and enjoy the music. I had the pleasure of being invited to her latest photo shoot for ZefJuko, by one of her stylist Dash by Clash of Dash. The shoot also featured jewelry by Palais Apiim. The energy of the shoot was high and when, She's Ryan, arrived it only got better. 

All of the looks were softer then her usual fashion vibe, she has a great Gothic Chic aesthetic going on with her look, I love it, but like her many talents, she's sure to transform any look into her own. This shoot had goddess written all over it, and her face was definitely beat to every Greek God in the sky. She arrived full of smiles and laughter, incredibly funny and full of wit, her random breaks into song, all showcase that this woman is a born artist and performer.

Her latest single Never Growing Up is currently available on iTunes and the video for this single is also available on YouTube. Its a fun song, and I'm sure everyone can relate to not being in a rush to grow up. Check out more of the behind the scene shots form her shoot below. Ms. Vixen is into it, and suggests you join too!


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There's a problem in society that I didn't know what to call  until earlier this year.. An undertone where sexual assault against women is okay and accepted. Ideally we all would like to believe this isn't true, because it would say a lot about the world we live in if it were. I used to believe that people did in fact actually care about the well being of women in regards to rape until I begin to study what many call rape culture. 

According to wikipedia Rape culture is a phrase used to describe a culture in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender, sex, and sexuality. Common symptoms are victim blaming, objectification, sand denial of widespread rapes.  I actually saw someone on my instagram timeline post a picture of this young lady, laying on the floor passed out, nude with a corny joke above it. This man is a dad with a daughter himself. Even if he didn't know the young lady was possibly raped, why would he think it was funny to exploit, this young girl? We live in the world where the violation of women isn't taken seriously, and it's sad. Instead of teaching men to respect women regardless of lifestyle, and to not rape women, we instead teach women what not to do to get rapped. What kind of twisted shit is that?

The young lady in the picture was Jada, who'se video went viral of her clearly passed out and being raped by another young man (his name hasn't been released cause hasn't been charged with a crime) You may read more about the case here: Click link for more
Jada went public when the video went viral a month a later on twitter with the hash tag Jada pose attach to it. Very disturbing that it became a joke, and is a testament to how rape culture allows and reinforces very harmful behavior. 

Addressing rape culture we must first examine the way we look at rape, and understand that many people aren't aware that they contribute to rape culture. I saw a great list on that shows a few examples of what rape culture looks like in our everyday lives. To treat this problem we must spread this message everywhere. 

Rape Culture Is…

1. A university in Canada that allows the following student orientation chant: “Y is for your sister. O is for oh-so-tight. U is for underage. N is for no consent. G is for grab that ass.”
2. Pop music that tells women “you know you want it” because of these “blurred lines” (of consent).
3. A judge who sentenced only 30 days in jail to a 50-year-old man who raped a 14-year-old girl (who later committed suicide), and defended that the girl was “older than her chronological age.”
4. Mothers who blame girls for posting sexy selfies and leading their sons into sin, instead of talking with their sons about their responsibility for their own sexual expression.
5. Photo memes like this:

Source: Funny Junk

Source: Funny Junk

6. Supportingathletes who are charged with rape and calling their victims career-destroyers.
7. Companiesthat create decals of a woman bound and gagged in order to “promote their business.”
8. People who believe that girls “allow themselves to be raped.”
9. Journalists who substitute the word “sex” for “rape” – as if they’re the same thing.
10. Politicians distinguishing “legitimate rape” and stating that rape is “something that God intended to happen,” among other horrendous claims.
11. Calling college students who have the courage to report their rapes liars.
12. The ubiquity of street harassment – and how victims are told that they’re “overreacting” when they call it out.
13. Victims not being taken seriously when they report rapes to their university campuses.
15. Sexual assault prevention education programs that focus on women being told to take measures to prevent rape instead of men being told not to rape.
16. The victimization of hospital patients, especially people with mental health issues and the elderly,  by the very people who are there to protect them.
17. Reddit threads with titles like “You just have to make sure she’s dead” when linking to the story of a 13-year-old girl in Pakistan being raped and buried alive.
18. Reddit threads dedicated to men causing women pain during sex (I’m not going to give the thread credence by linking to it).
19. Twitter hashtags that support accused rapists and blame victims.
20. Publicly defending celebrities accused of rape just because they’re celebrities and ignoring or denouncing what the victim has to say.
21. Assuming that false reporting for sexual assault cases are the norm, when in reality, they’re only 2-8%, which is on par with grand theft auto.
22. Only 3% of rapists ever serving a day in jail.
24. 1-in-5 women and 1-in-71 men having reported experiencing rape.
25. The fact that we have to condition ourselves not to use violent language in our everyday conversations. 
There are many more examples, but I would like to leave asking all Ms. Vixen readers if they have any solutions, if you do, please share with a comment below. 

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Queen rocking Twilli-Polish
I was introduced to this cool new nail polish line called Twilli Polish its an eco-friendly nail polish company. I tried it out as well as some of their cuticle balm, and I really like it. As soon as I got the package in the mail I knew everything else had to stop because now was the time for a manicure. Like most things in my life I do it myself, so I got my station ready in my living room and begin my manicure. I had two colors, one called Confident which was a shade of red and  Pretty which was a darker shade of pink. The names alone had me sold, but nail polish is for my nails, not to fed my ego so I proceeded with my manicure. I noticed that the nail polish didn't have the harsh smell most nail polishes have. Did it smell like nail polish, yes, but when I finished my manicure the smell wasn't lingering in my living room like usual. Also I noticed that it applied pretty light, not in color, but as in thickness of the polish, which I prefer because there's no clumps. The nail polish applied very smoothly, and I didn't really need two coats but I put two anyway, i'm use to doing so. It  also dried very quickly, I took a shower soon after and my nails still looked great! 

There are many other things I am digging about the Twilli-Polish brand. It was created by a women entrepreneur, Tasrsha Williams, also known as Twilli the Polish 
Curator (I want to add curator somewhere in my tittle now because of her). She has always had an interest in beauty products, formerly a cosmetic manager for Neiman Marcus, Saks Fith Ave. and Bloomingdale's, and also a former executive at Nars her 12 years of experience definitely shows she knows why a nail polish line can work. When asked why she chose nail polish she replied "I have loved polish all my life. While in college I worked as Nail Tech! Go figure. (People always say your nails look like you went to a professional) Now the secret is out!" I'm all for it especially since I myself am branching out into creating a settling in the business world. She does have advice for other people interested in taking the road to entrepreneurship, 

I think it has to be your passion as it is mine, it has to be your motivation to succeed. You have to do your homework, plan to be the best and keep learning. As important as it is to me to guide my own life and work independently of a corporation, I do believe people should do what they love. Whether its working for yourself or someone else.

Also I mentioned earlier all her nail polish is Eco-friendly. Which means they  are free from Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP ( Dibutyl Phthalate), Toluene and Camphor. Many of these ingredients contain skin allergens, that can remain active for up to 3 days after they have dried. Also I am pretty sure that's why the smell didn't get to me like many nail polishes do.

August 1 is the official launch date for the eCommerce part of the website. What's cool is Tarsha is changing the way we buy nail polish. There are two ways to purchase, Bi-monthly, you'll get three trendy colors mailed to your door step, and you can also purchase exclusive colors and collections individually. Getting three new nail colors  bi-monthly for an affordable price sounds amazing. 

Definitely visit for more information,  I really am into it and hope we can grow together!


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I live in an apartment in Brooklyn New York, so I am a little limited on what I'm allowed to do within my apartment. I am allowed to paint, but that's a job I must do myself. My land lord doesn't offer that service for me, and honestly, i'm to lazy to do it myslef. So my dilemma has been, how do I liven up my boring cream colored walls? I already did one wall of my living room in a previous DIY project, Give your Walls Some Life , but  I have other bare walls that I need to add color to. My quick solution to this was fabric!

Print Fabric of your Choice
Thumbtacks or nails
Hammer (if you use nails)

 I went to a Fabric store and purchased print fabric. This fabric store had great prices of only $2 a yard. My plan was to liven up the wall space behind my television. Initially, I planed to draped the whole wall, but changed my mind because I was fearful of the fabric being near the wires of my television, definitely don't want to start a fire. So, I measured only about one yard and cut the fabric. Then I used blue thumbtacks to attach it to the wall. I used blue so it could blend with my fabric, and I prefered thumbtacks cause there's minimal wall damage. That was it, a very Quick and easy way liven up a boring wall. 

I purchased too much fabric, so I may get the remainder made into a dress or I might make pillow covers. If I decide to make pillow covers, then I make it next months DIY project!



By Queen
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Horrifying New Details On the 'Viral' Rape of 16-Year-Old JadaOver the last few days, the stomach-churning story of Jada — a 16-year-old girl whose rape was recorded and then shared and mocked on social media — has shown up everywhere. Now, it Jada's mother and a family spokesperson are claiming that Jada's far from the only girl victimized by the people who allegedly drugged and raped her. And one other girl may soon be coming forward.
In an exclusive interview with Ronan Farrow, Jada's mother Sukieda and family spokesperson Quanell X give further details in the case that is starting to share disgusting elements with other stories that have made news in recent months. (read full article) Via Jezebel 
This past Sunday I went to the Kara Walker Subtlety Exhibit, in William-burgs Brooklyn at the old Domino sugar factory. A good friend of mine told me about the exhibit, before hand I'd never heard of this artist, so on the closing day I made sure I went. Kara Walker,New York-based  is best known for cut-paper silhouettes and tableaus that complicate traditional narratives of power and repression. Walker’s provocative work, which has taken the form of drawing, painting, text-based work, video, film, performance, and cyclorama, retells historic moments, such as slavery in the Antebellum South and Hurricane Katrina, and has frequently been the subject of controversy.

This exhibit was to an ode slaves who made to the sugar industry in the USA a very lucrative business in the USA. We are often told about the cotton trade, slavery and how that help build America, but very little is told of the sugar trade which was just as lucrative, this was a tribute to those untold stories.



Photos by Hab-Oh 

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You never really know what life will bring to you. I spoke something into existence and said this would be  the last year I'd work for someone else, and i'd leave my job and work independently on personal ventures. I'm guessing the universe didn't think I was moving fast enough, so it gave me a push. A push I needed, and now that I'm over the shock of losing my job, I'm grateful and want to tell  I have learned so far. 

I have a healthy support system, I'm incredibly grateful for my family and friends. Everyone seems way more confident in my current situation than me, and I feed off that energy. Everyone, from my mom, my siblings and my friends. They all had the same response when I told them the news. "You'll be fine, you know what you are doing." Although I've never been unemployed before they see what I'm working toward and aren't afraid, that has reassured me and eased my fears. 

Fear is okay. I'm scared, and I'm a very hard person to frighten, I'll admit I hated my job, but it was a nice little security blanket. It was enough to pay my bills, but wasn't so much that it drained from my passions. I was incredible comfortable and that was the problem. This fear I won't succumb to it, I'll just let it be my fuel. 

That having control over my time is freedom. I always wanted to get rid of time clocks, and allotted time schedules of work. I mostly do everything in the wee hours of night, so now I get to experience working on my own time. Who knows how long it will last, or if I will even succeed, but at least for once in my life I will have this time, time that only belongs to me. 

It's only been two weeks, and so far these are my feelings. There are days I'm bored, days I write non stop, and days where I feel like I have cabin fever, but everyday feels great. Life makes it's own plans. I had a plan, all my fiends new it. Life had another one, and even though at first I felt rejected (I never been fired before) I've gotten over my ego, i'm smiling and I welcome this. I'm excited! 

By: Queen 
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There's never  usually  a specific time to save money, it should be  a continuous thing.  Yet for some of us it's hard, and by some  of us I mean me. I was searching the web looking for ways to making saving a little simpler and easier for me. Simple little things that can make your monger go a lot longer then usual. Here's what I found, and there are also some I actively do myself everyday.

Get More Sleep-Having a regular, reasonable bed time will lower your monthly expenses. You’ll use less electricity, you won’t do any late night snacking and/or drinking, and the health benefits of getting enough sleep will help avoid illness. Win-win-win!

Put Something Back Every Time You Shop-If you find yourself with a cart full of stuff at your favorite store (I’m notorious for doing this at H&M,) give one item back to the associate at checkout. Save yourself the buyers remorse you are certain to feel when you get home.

Trick Yourself Into Saving-Sometimes “fooling” yourself when you’re keeping track of your money can result in added savings. Round expenses and deposits down as you keep track in your check register. (For example a $1,163 deposit becomes $1,100 and a check for $212 becomes $220, in your register.)

Unplug Everything-Ever heard of vampire power? This is the energy your appliances are drawing even though you've flipped the power switch. Even when you’re not watching TV or charging your cell phone…your TV set, phone charger and all the appliances that remain plugged in are still using energy — and it’s costing you money. So, you know that iPhone charger that you keep permanently plugged in next to your nightstand? (Guilty!) Unplug that.

Find A Frugal Buddy   they have a much better chance of success in your money-saving efforts if you have a shoulder to lean on in times of weakness. Your frugal buddy will tell you that you don’t need that Coach purse…and they’ll sit at home with you on a frugal Friday night watching TV movies.

Get Rid Of Your Grey (Charges)-If you don’t regularly check your credit card and bank account statements, you should really start. “Grey charges,” or small fees, subscriptions, renewals, and other charges that many of us don’t notice, can add up to hundreds of dollars each year, and are easily removed or reversed if you catch them. They can cost the average consumer $215 to $350 per year. This adds up – especially if it happens across several accounts.

Active Living Is Cheaper Living-The more time you spend working on your health and fitness, the less time you’ll have to shop, go out to eat, hit the bar, go to the movies, and otherwise spend! Not only will you save money, you will be healthier with a better body to show for it.

Become A Popcorn Lover -This one I’ve got NAILED! :-) I LOVE popcorn. If you buy popcorn in bulk, and pop it the old-fashioned way, you can save a lot on your snacking! Just four bags of chips a month will run $12, while a $4 jar of popcorn will make almost 200 cups.

Pack A Lunch On The WEEKEND-We all know about brown bagging it to work during the week, but what about the weekends when you’re running errands? You work up an appetite doing all that running, and it can be so tempting to just pop into the local pizza place for a slice.

Disconnect-Cut your electric bill by turning off the television, and all other electronic devices, once a week – even if just for a few hours. Enjoy family time by playing board games, or head outside for a bike ride. Not only will you save money by cutting back on power usage, you’ll also benefit from some quality family time.

Make A Drink Budget People usually budget for food but leave out a drink budget. When meeting up with friends to have drinks (whether it’s cocktails or coffee,) it all adds up. Leave your credit/debit card at home and just bring cash so you won’t be tempted to overdo.