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Sunday, July 24, 2016

6 Tips For Being A More Organized Adult

Lets all be honest, we can all be a little more organized. Life comes at you fast and time moves rapidly the older you get. I live for organization, and really can't function when there is clutter around me. When my surroundings are cluttered I feel like I have no control, and I honestly get a feeling of helplessness. 

Having a system for daily things help me stay in control, but none of my systems are strict, they are all flexible. Life is fluid and always transforming so I try really hard not to put strict standards of organization on myself, because everyday is different. There are some simple fixes that can make adulting a lot easier.

  1. Get a Notebook: This is a essential, if you don't listen to anything on this list, listen to this suggestion. Notebooks are affordable, you can get them for a dollar store, and are a simple place to put many of your thoughts. Carry your notebook everywhere and just write everything down. Write to do list, groceries list, your thoughts, your ideas, your budget for the month and many more things. It helps to organize your thoughts on paper, and one of my favorite things about jotting things down is I get to see my progress. I see things I've accomplished but forgot about, I see the birth of old great ideas I forgot about and now want to revisit. Notebooks are great, get you one. 
  2. Get a Calendar or an Agenda: I have both and I love them. It helps your memory when you write things down, and also helps when you can see your day-to-day plans spread out on a calendar. I never overbook my days, I rarely mix up or miss appointments, and it helps me see if i'm taking on too many responsibility in a week, which helps me avoid burnout. I use to burn out  a lot, but now I don't anymore. I keep a huge calendar on my bedroom wall that reminds me of all my appointments, and I carry a planner so I may jot things down, and if I am making new plans, I can see when I am free. 
  3. Utilize your phone: There are many apps that can help with life and organization. There's a place to take notes in most phones, calendar apps, apps to track your menstrual cycle, pay bills, etc. There's a whole lot you can get done on your phone, use your data plan for more productivity. 
  4. A File Folder: An accordion file folder is essential. A place to keep bills, receipts, and any other important paperwork away, yet easy to find makes life easier. Even among a mess if you have an adequate filing system, anything becomes easy to find. 
  5. Make a Budget: Budgeting is very important, and every adult should learn to do this. Budgets give you a perspective on where your money goes. You work hard for your money, so tracking where it goes is important. There are many ways to go about budgeting and different ways work for different people. What's important is to find budgeting style you like and stick to it. 
  6. DeClutter! Get rid of things, if you've paid the bill, shred and it and throw it away! We accumulate things everyday, so  decluttering weekly is important, organize things, and put things where they belong. I do this often while blasting music, and it helps me get things back to normal after a busy week of living life. 
There's no need to change everything in your life to be more organized. A few small adjustments can can make big changes in your life. 

What tips do you have for being a more organized adult? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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By Queen 
Queen is a 30 something from the Bronx, NY. She created Ms. Vixen to spread her thoughts on feminism, Black pride, it's the first stop on her quest to be a media mogul. 
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Saturday, July 23, 2016

How To Make Drinking Water More Enjoyable With Four Water Infused Recipes

Water is important and an essential for living. It's literally the building block of life, yet many people still find it tasking to drink water. Yes drinking large amounts of water can get boring, and most people thinks it's too plain but it's good for you. Did you know drinking half your weight in ounces (Ex. 150 lbs drink 75oz per day) will give you a flat belly, and helps relieve pains and headaches.

Black Owned Makeup Brands MATTER!! Full Face Makeup Tutorial

Want to see an amazing makeup tutorial using all Black owned makeup brands. Makeup youtuber Alyssa Forever  put together this B.O.M.B look. Black Owned Make Brands Matter!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What We're Watching: Didn't I Ask For Tea?- A Short Film

A monthly series where our EIC tells us whats she's watching. Independent movies, short films and web series we think you should be watching.  To submit your short film or web series please email 

What We're Watching: 
This month we're watching a short film my best friend sent to me because she's always sending me random art, its what we do! Didn't I ask for Tea?  is a 23 minute film from the blackStory Films  production company which focus is telling dynamic story telling, with diverse Black narratives 

How Women Can Close The Wage Gap By Simply Asking For A Raise

I'm in many facebook groups with women with their own businesses and it makes me sad how apprehensive many of us are to charge people. It makes me think of how most women get paid less than men and it makes me angry. Yes, I understand the patriarch and how the system is for men, so that's why so many of us get paid less, but this same patriarch has made women think they should be silent about their worth in the workforce. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Shades Of Summer: The Best Of 2016 Eye Wear Trends

Whether you call them sunnies, sunglasses or eye wear they are a summer must. Sunglasses are the easiest and most inexpensive way to a make a  statement with your outfit. We're showing off the latest in sunglasses that will protect the eyes while looking chic and fun and ready to take on the summer .

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Malick Welli Celebrates Hair With "Happy Nappy"

“Nappy is the contraction of the word natural and happy, which literally means ‘happy natural.” writes Malick Welli.
The Senegalese-born photographer, who cites Boubacar TourĂ© Mandemory as an inspiration, celebrates natural hair and youth in this latest series “Happynappy.”

Thursday, June 23, 2016

5 Swimsuits Collections To Keep on your Radar!

Whether you’re planning your next island get-a-way or catching some rays on the beach, having a perfect swimsuit is what you’ll need. From one-pieces to even bikinis, your options may be endless. Check out this list of swimsuits to not only keep on your radar but slay your summer too!

Monday, June 20, 2016

VIDEO: How To Make Deodorant At Home Via Nikisha Of Urban Bush Babes

Video: DIY All Natural Deodorant (Vegan)

I have a love-hate relationship with deodorant, and that's mostly due to my very sensitive underarm skin. As a child, I could only use spray-on deodorant because I would break out into rashes using the rool  on kind. When I learned about how bad spray on deodorant was for the environment I was turned off by it and started using  ru l on deodorant.

A Different Perspective on Your Glamorous Life

Photographer: Tachina Lee
We're all aware by now that we live in a society that's conscious of  fame, glitz, and glam. This makes it tough to be your own person - or does it? I ask myself this every day. The issues we face on a daily basis contribute to our worldview and shapes our reality. You know, the things we struggle with in life are all based on the perspective we have. 
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