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11 Ways To Use Honey To Get More Gorgeous Skin, Hair, And Nails

Having healthy skin, nail and hair is what all women like to maintain. We purchase many products all for our visual upkeep, even though we all know their are many natural products we can find in my our kitchens. One of the sweetest ingredients that has many benefits for skin, nails and hair is honey, more specifically raw honey.

Honey is generally known as the healthier sweetener,  but it has tons of skin and hair befits. Made by the alchemy of bees collecting nectar, pollen, and resins from flowers, honey can help moisturize, fight aging, and fight bacteria. Plus, it’s loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, and healing compounds. Next time you’re browsing the grocery store shelves, look for raw honey, which hasn't been heat-treated or pasteurized; it contains more active phytonutrient antioxidants and enzymes for enhanced benefits. Here are a few ways to put the ingredient to use (sometimes with the help of some other natural ingredients).

Women's Health  Writes:

1. Moisturizing Mask
Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the air into the skin and ensures it's retained it in the layers where it’s needed most for penetrating, long-lasting hydration.

Try it: Spread one teaspoon raw honey on clean, dry skin, and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with tepid water.

2. Pore CleanserThe enzymes in raw honey clarify skin and keep pores clear and clean. Plus, the antibacterial properties of honey and jojoba or coconut oil also prevent bacterial buildup that can lead to skin imbalances and breakouts.

Try it: Stir one tablespoon raw honey with two tablespoons jojoba oil or coconut oil until the mixture is spreadable consistency. Apply to clean, dry skin, and massage gently in a circular motion, avoiding your eye area. Rinse with tepid water.

3. Gentle ExfoliatorHoney is loaded with antioxidants, enzymes, and other nutrients that nourish, cleanse, and hydrate skin. Baking soda, meanwhile, is a gentle natural exfoliator that removes dead skin cells, allowing new cells to emerge for a radiant complexion.

Try it: Mix two tablespoons honey with one tablespoon baking soda. Splash your skin with water, then gently rub the concoction on your face or body in a circular motion. Rinse well

4. Scar FaderHoney is said to lighten skin, and its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds help to decrease the appearances of scars and increase healing and tissue regeneration. The hydrating properties of honey and coconut oil or olive oil will also help revive skin cells, while regular, gentle massaging will increase circulation to aid skin recovery and cell turnover.

Try it: Mix one teaspoon raw honey with one teaspoon coconut oil or olive oil. Apply to the affected area, and massage with the tips of your fingers in a circular motion for one to two minutes. Place a hot washcloth over your skin, and let sit until cool. Repeat daily.


5. Acne Treatment
Honey contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that thwart bacteria that can lead to breakouts. Its anti-inflammatory properties will calm redness and irritation.

Try it: Apply a dab of raw honey to affected areas, and sit for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with tepid water.

6. Bath Soak
Honey's not just hydrating; its antioxidants will repair skin and protect it against oxidative and environmental damage.

Try it: Mix two heaping tablespoons raw honey with one cup hot water until dissolved. Add to a tub of warm water, and soak.

7. Cuticle Moisturizer
Raw honey is loaded with nutrients and enzymes to nourish and heal skin, and it's a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture into the skin. Coconut oil conditions and protects, while the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar softens hard skin and balances pH for healthy growth.

Try it: Mix one teaspoon honey with one teaspoon apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon coconut oil. Rub over each cuticle, and let sit five to 10 minutes, then rinse.

8. Hair Conditioner
The enzymes and nutrients in raw honey give dull hair shine without weighing it down. Coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft to condition and smooth the cuticle and give your strands the luster you crave.

Try it: Mix one tablespoon raw honey with two tablespoons coconut oil. Apply thoroughly to the bottom two-thirds of damp hair, starting at the ends and working up. Let sit for 20 minutes, and rinse well.

9. Shampoo Booster
The humectant properties of honey help regulate and retain moisture in hair, plus honey is said to strengthen hair follicles for healthy growth.

Try it: Mix one teaspoon honey with a dime-sized amount of your favorite shampoo. Wash and lather as normal, and rinse well.

10. Hair Highlighter
The enzyme glucose oxidase in honey slowly releases hydrogen peroxide, an ingredient known to lighten hair color.

Try it: Mix three tablespoons honey with two tablespoon water. Apply to clean, damp hair, and let sit for an hour. Rinse well. Apply weekly for best results.

11. Sunburn Treatment
Honey restores hydration to the deepest layers of sun-exposed skin—and both honey and aloe vera contain powerful anti-inflammatories to calm burned skin and aid recovery.

Try it: Mix one part raw honey with two parts pure aloe vera gel. Apply to sunburned skin.

What natural beauty remedies do you have? Lets us know in the comments below!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Cori Rene' Handmade Product Giveaway!

Ms. Vixen readers and Cori Rene' customers have a chance to win 4 oz Hydration Butta and One Signature Fragrance! It's very simple to enter, here are the contest rules 

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Be sure to visit Cori Rene' website to check out more of their products, and learn more about their brand in their latest Ms. Vixen interview.

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Handmade Dreams-Cori Rene'

We are all living life trying to fulfill dreams, get closer to our purpose and success. All starting out as a simple idea, birthed into action and we feed, nurture and guide these ideas, and send them out into the world in hopes that the world will embrace them and love them as much as we do. This is the journey of an entrepreneur, a startup company and all small businesses. I know this path, because I am also  traveling it. 

There's always an unspoken camaraderie I feel when I see other women with their own businesses. There were once laws that didn't even allow us to own our own homes, we're still fighting for equal pay. When I see any woman taken her career into her own hands i'm proud of her. Cori Rene', an all natural body and hair product company with handmade products that are made as if each items is a personalized gift. 

Nykeba, owner of Cori Rene' agreed to chat with us, such a great spirit, please check out our chat below.

Who is your customer,  what's her personality, her goals, her purpose, her favorite things.
Our supporters come from different walks but often reflect positive light in their everyday being. Many are women on a mission to support their families and community, while loving and honoring herself. She invests time and love into all that she does. Her favorite things usually put her mind at ease after being a goal getter everyday. She strives to combine her passion and purpose in her daily life. 

Have you always wanted to own your own business?

Entrepreneurship was introduced to me at a young age by my Uncle, who owns cultural shops known as Nicholas in Harlem and Brooklyn. After working for his small business in 2012, my senses were heightened by his ability to connect and serve the community since the late 70s. Although, I always had a passion for using nature's blessings to make unique creations for myself - I had never witnessed first hand how to effectively run your own business. My experiences at Nicholas Brooklyn helped shape me into a future business owner and operator of Cori René. 

How long have you been creating natural products, and why is the natural aspect important for your brand?

I made my first batch of natural creations in 2010. I had just cut off my permed ends into a short Afro. I had no idea what to do with my natural hair and couldn't really afford natural hair products with a college-budget. I then decided to do a bit of research and create the prototype for 'Hydration Butta' (Cori René shea based butter) and 'FSG' (Cori René Flax Seed Gel Styler). Ensuring that I used premium organic ingredients was important to our brand due to the lack of whole natural ingredients in a lot of preserved products that we would often find on the shelves. Being able to pronounce our ingredients is extremely important to us. 

We want to encourage our supporters to live long and strong and created a movement called #SalubriousSecrets which provides quick tips to enhance your health and wellness. Health is wealth! I'm a contributing Health & Wellness writer on I hope you check out some of my latest posts! 

What makes your product unique? 

Each handcrafted creation is made with love in our kitchen. We wanted to create lasting impressions with the vibrant aromas that transcend Cori René. Our essential oil blends provide different healing properties which will rejuvenate your day. We also created a Signature Perfume Oil line that uplifts the vibes and leaves an everlasting impact on those who smell it. From our hands to yours. 

The holidays are right around the corner, this is can easily be great for a secret santa gift at work, and excellent for a stocking stuffer! Be sure to check out CoriRene's website to learn about her products and her journey!

Guess what!! You can enter for a chance to win Cori Rene' products for free!!! Get contest rules and enter here!  

By Queen 
Queen is a 30 something from the Bronx, NY. She created Ms. Vixen to spread her thoughts on feminism, Black pride, it's the first stop on her quest to be a media mogul. FollowQueen Twitter @TheQueenSpeaks_
Instagram @TheQueenspeaks_

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Simple Home DIY's with Huge Impacts

Maybe because it's getting colder and I am spending way more time at home, I've been focusing on improving my living space. From De-cluttering to just adding more functional decor. I have spent time in each room thinking about ways to improve the space, be it for functionality or aesthetically. Here are some of my favorite inexpensive ideas to jazz up your living space.

DIY Serving Tray

This can be used to serve food, appetizers or simply as a decorative piece for your coffee table. This adds a great aesthetic to any room, and is also functional, all for less than $5! Get more more details on this DIY project here.

"Mothers Have a Right to Be Happy"-Jada Pinket-Smith

On mother's day 2012 during a Red Table Talks , Jada Pinkett -Smith discusses motherhood and learning to put herself first with her daughter Willow Smith, and her mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones.
It's an intimate moment of with a dash of honesty. Reminding us to always preserve our magic. 

Watch  video below:

What do you do yo make sure you fulfil your happiness first? Let us know in the comment section below?

By Queen
Instagram @TheQueenspeaks_    

Queen is a 30 something from the Bronx, NY. She created Ms. Vixen to spread her thoughts on feminism, Black pride, it's the first stop on her quest to be a media mogul.   

Travel with the Squad on a Budget

When I was in college I truly started to come into my own. I was an adult, I had freedom and the world was my oyster. Coming into my own I knew I wanted to do things differently than most of the people I grew up around. Never leaving NY was not an option me. The only problem was being a broke college student I couldn't really afford to travel and neither could my friends. My girls and I were able to squeeze in a few trips over the course of a few years Las Vegas, Miami, and Puerto Rico to name a few. I was lucky to experience those  trips but it they weren't enough for me. I wanted more, the travel bug hit me hard! I was stuck with the dilemma a lot of young adults face, how do I travel when my friends can't afford to travel with me?!?!  Here are a few tips to travel even when you're on a tight budget.

Friday, November 13, 2015

I, Too, Am a Concerned Student

Many folks have been asking questions and speculating about the incidents that have taken place at Mizzou University over the last week or so, so I thought it would be nice to share some of the facts that I know about the situation. If you have read my previous article about my recent trip to Ferguson, you know that Missouri was one of the last states to abolish slavery here in the United States. Additionally, racism at Mizzou University is not new. If you speak with from most black alum from the institution, you will hear this.
As college students, we pay tens of thousands of dollars each year for a top-of-the line, diverse, innovative and transformative education from the best professors and teachers that our nation has to offer. We also pay for many programs and resources, whether it be access to recreation centers, student centers, or writing and math centers. Most importantly, though, we pay for a safe and inclusive environment that fosters our learning. Despite all of these expectations, more often than not, we find that after the checks have been cashed, loans dispersed, and tuition bills paid, we are not getting what we paid for. As black students at American universities, we have been exploited, unsupported, underrepresented, brutalized and not prioritized within our institutions for far too long. Universities use our “diversity” to fill quotas and decorate flyers, but once we have made it into our schools, we are often forgotten about and many of us fall through the cracks.
This black college experience is not limited to the academic shortfalls and hurdles that we face as we work towards our degrees, as the social aspect of college can be even more burdensome. At many universities and colleges across our nation we see black students being discriminated against in Greek life, social organizations and clubs, and all throughout campuses. This has always been the norm- which is something important to note here. Black students have been organizing and advocating for themselves since as early as 1919 when they were first admitted into higher education institutions. We can recall the work of well-known activists such as Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture), Angela Davis, and Cornel West when talking about the impact of college campuses on social movements, as universities are hubs of innovative thought, youth, and action. It only makes sense that in the #blacklivesmatter era, we are seeing more and more black students rise up and resist systems of oppression that have stood firm for too long.
Specifically speaking, Mizzou students created an organization called Concerned Students 1950, after an incident last year where students protested racial injustice on their campus and former university president Tim Wolfe’s driver revved up his engine and hit Jonathan Butler with his car. Aside from this incident, Wolfe has been unresponsive and inactive to “a slew of racist, sexist, homophobic etc. incidents that have disrupted the learning experience at UM.” (more information about specifics can be found here.)
What does this have to do with current events? On Nov. 2, Jonathan Butler, a grad student at Mizzou University began a hunger strike that he did not intend to end until either Tim Wolfe was no longer the president of the university, or his life was over. The target of this action was the Board of Chancellors, similar to the Board of Trustees or Visitors at other universities, who held the power to fire the president. His hunger strike went on for 8 days, and during that time, the Mizzou football team and coaches also went on strike. This was a revolutionary feat in terms of student activism, as it was a time when we saw both student athletes and student organizers come together for the movement. Financially speaking, the football strike hit the university where it hurts, in the pockets. As a result of national attention and prospective financial burden, Tim Wolfe resigned from his position on Monday. Following pressure from deans and students, Robert Loftin, chancellor of the Columbia campus, resigned from his position effective at the end of this academic year. Although there are many demands that are still yet to be met and we must keep pushing forward, its important to celebrate the victories along the way, because often we don’t take the time to do that. This is a moment that where we can clearly see and understand what exactly black student power is, and more importantly, what it is capable of.
Since then, white students on the Mizzou campus have back lashed by threatening the black lives on their campus, through Yik Yak posts about “standing [their] ground and shooting every black person [they] see.” They were also standing in a gathering place on campus waving confederate flags, assaulting and harassing black students as they walked by. Students fled campus or sought refuge in their dorm as KKK members threw bricks into windows and caused the lockdown of a sorority house. Last night was something that we would think to have occurred in the 1960s, but it is 2015, and this is our reality. You would think that this violent, unsafe campus environment would have alarmed the university administration and snapped them into action. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, that was not the case. Instead, professors sent their students emails minimizing their experience.  There has been an outpouring of support from universities nationwide and the
“Yik Yak” suspect has been apprehended, but the struggle continues. Black students at Mizzou are still risking their lives to go to class or not going for fear of assault. There are black men who are escorting students to class, and the buddy system has been advised.
Shame on Mizzou University for allowing this type of intolerable, oppressive environment to persist. They are not fulfilling their duty to provide a conformable learning community for all of their students. I send my well wishes and stand in solidarity with the students of Mizzou University, and with those students all over the nation (the world even) who are struggling for the liberation of black lives both on and off-campus. Thank you for your commitment to our future generations.
This Piece was previously published in The Millennial Chronicles, By @TheRealWizKaliaa -Musings and opinion pieces with a touch of history and a millennial twist on things. #blacklivesmatter

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fringe DIY By BeesoHoney

Everyone loves new clothing, and if you're anything like me you  love reinventing old clothing into something new! Giving things new life is a great habit to be into, your own trash will become your new treasure. 

Here is a video that shows you how fringe can make any outfit cutting edge. 

What cool things have you done with fringe? Let us know in the comment section below!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

#ICYM Erykah Badu – “Phone Down”

Last month, Erykah Badu shared her own seven-minute version of Drake’s ubiquitous “Hotline Bling,” and the song apparently inspired an entire “cell-u-lar de-vice”-themed mixtape, But You Can't Use My Phone. The whole thing will be out Thanksgiving weekend, but tonight, as Pitchfork points out, she’s shared another song, “Phone Down,” which is also dedicated to Drake. “this one's for Aubrey,” Badu wrote on Apple Music Connect. Listen below

What to you think of Erykah Badu's single leak? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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4 Simple Tips For Holiday Parties

Thanksgiving might be one of most people's favorite holidays and for good reason! I always love a chance to be around family and friends. Lets not forget to mention the food! I come from a large family so Thanksgiving has always been nothing but food on top of food. Whether you're hosting Thanksgiving or attending an event, here is a few tips to help make things easier for a successful holiday!

Do a Test Run

Sure, you may be super excited to try out that new recipes you found on pinterest and its always cool to expand your recipe arsenal, but its not a good idea to try a recipe for the first time for a big event. Try to make the recipe at least one time before Turkey day. This gives you the opportunity to make any tweaks to the recipe if needed. I usually follow a recipe the first time and the second time around I can change some things to be more to my liking.

Have Alternates Options

This tip is mostly for a host, but generally a good rule of thumb. Maybe you're expecting guest who don't eat pork, so maybe you shouldn't put bacon in your collard greens. Having options that will appease most people especially when hosting a large group is super important. After all, you want everyone to come, eat and enjoy themselves!

Be a Polite Guest

Putting on a Thanksgiving dinner is hard work! Be a great guest by offering to bring a dish, drinks or anything else the host may need. Whether it's family or friends offer to assist with cleanup. It's not only a nice thing to do but I am sure it will be very much appreciated by the hosts!

Those Who Can't Cook, Buy!

Let's say your not the best in the kitchen but you would still like to contribute to the feast. There is no shame in picking up something from a local restaurant. Even some supermarkets have pretty delicious sides and entrees that can easily be picked up (just don't try to pass it off as home cooked food.) If you don't want to go the route of purchasing food there is always a need for drinks, whether it be alcoholic or non alcoholic.  

Regardless of  how you spend your holiday, we here at Ms. Vixen hope that it is a joyous occasion for you and your loved ones! 

What tips do you have for a successful Holiday??? Let us know in the comment section below!!

Electa is a Writer/Blogger and a self proclaimed foodie. She is in her 20's and figuring out life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Follower her on twitter @emazing17 and instagram @emazing17

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